sam the lion



After a nine-year absence from the Texas music scene, the Americana band Sam the Lion is back. Fronted by songwriters Chris Allen Curtis and Ed Rogers, the band dishes out tasty arrangements of original tunes with ramshackle energy. Their songs, rooted in pure emotion, defy genre and run the gamut from alt-country twang to soulful funk. Both men are accomplished guitarists, as evidenced by Rogers’ work on his 2003 solo release Misery and Gold and the 2014 compilation Safely Down: The Songs of Jason Jackson, and by Curtis on his 2013 solo album Un Hombre, No Moderation. The band is rooted by the powerhouse rhythm section of longtime collaborators Matthew Williams and Rodger Harrison, a two-headed monster of cadence and meter. Sam the Lion can be found in various drinking establishments in the North Texas region. The band is currently working on plans for an album and tour.


2008 DEMOS

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