"Being crazy about a woman like her is always the right thing to do."

Sam the Lion is an Americana-Alt-Country band from Fort Worth, Texas. Named for Sonny Crawford's sage mentor in The Last Picture Show, the group debuted in 2008 when songwriters Chris Allen Curtis and Ed Rogers conspired to form a rock and roll band, and quickly left their mark on the local scene. Curtis and Rogers soon disbanded STL to pursue other projects, but both men carried with them the notion that the band was too good to leave behind forever. Almost ten years later, Sam the Lion is back with a new lineup and plans for a 2018 album release.

Rogers and Curtis dish out rootsy arrangements of original compositions with ramshackle energy. Their songs range from raucous lamentations of raw emotion, to thoughtful existential musings, sometimes quirky and offbeat, sometimes soulful and funky. Both men are accomplished guitarists, as evidenced by Rogers’ work on his 2003 solo release Misery and Gold and the 2014 compilation Safely Down: The Songs of Jason Jackson, and by Curtis on his 2013 solo album Un Hombre, No Moderation. The band is rooted by the powerhouse rhythm section of longtime collaborators Matthew Williams (Jiggernaut, Earl Poole Ball & Honky Tonk Revival, The Audrey Malone Band) and Rodger Harrison (Jiggernaut, Less More & Too Much Time), a two-headed monster of cadence and meter.

Sam the Lion can be found in various drinking establishments in the North Texas region. The band is currently working on plans for an album and tour.


Chris Allen Curtis

Chris Allen Curtis is a singer/songwriter and a musician who has been writing his own music since he was about 12.  He has lived in Fort Worth, Texas for more than 25 years, and has performed as a solo singer/songwriter and with other artists in most of the usual Fort Worth live music haunts. He also performs with his lovely and talented singer/songwriter wife, Gigi Cervantes, as the Shameless Boohoos.  Chris began contributing songs for the local musical theater company Kids Who Care in 2001.  He has a solo album Fort Worth released in 2006 and an album in collaboration with local musician and songwriter Glenn Milam Charlie in the Box Project, released in 2009.  Chris' latest solo album Un Hombre. No Moderation was released in November, 2013. 

Ed Rogers

Ed Rogers has been entertaining audiences for almost two decades as a singer, songwriter, guitarist and drummer. Ed began performing in Austin, Texas in the late 90’s. After migrating to Fort Worth, he found inspiration playing with an outlaw band of pickers and songwriters called Gypsy Troubadours. Rogers released Misery and Gold in 2003 and began performing solo, sharing the stage with luminaries like Bruce Robison, Jim Lauderdale and the late Steve Fromholz. An experienced studio musician, Ed has recorded at world-class facilities including the legendary Sun Studio and Ardent Recording Studios, in Memphis, Tennessee.

Rodger Harrison

After falling a relatively short distance to this planet, Rodger began a series of benign infiltrations, passed off as bar gigs. Lacking the ability to form plosives and fricatives, Rodger soon became a highly regarded harmony singer. He is currently trying to adjust his mass, so as not to fly off the planet. He can be found locally with bands of uneasy Irishmen, confounded bluesmen, and discovered that "y'allternative" was common in both of our languages. Also, you guys have too many fingers. Discography: Blarney Brothers: Stuff’N Nonsense (1995). Silver Shamrock; A Fine Line Between Ambition and Delusion (1999), Silver Shamrock; Lager Than Life, (2000). Silver Shamrock; Ed Rogers: Misery And Gold; Chris Curtis: This Town; Bain Ennis: Rough Cuts of Basics; Curtis Box: U-Turn
















Matthew Williams

Matthew Williams-Vocals, Drums, Writer, Arranger from Fort Worth, TX. Discography: Kenny Traylor Blues Band: Born with the Blues (1989), HardTop Records; Somethings Gotta Change (1991). HardTop Records; Blarney Brothers: Stuff’N Nonsense (1995). Silver Shamrock; A Fine Line Between Ambition and Delusion (1999), Silver Shamrock; Lager Than Life, (2000). Silver Shamrock. Maggie Drennon: Maggie Drennon (2004). Loose Goose Records. Jiggernaut: In Search of More, (2000). Off Hand Records; Evolution (2002). Off Hand Records; The Well (2009). Smith/Scotland, Juke Joint Prophets: The Gospel Of Groove (2014). Band Genealogy: Soul Kitchen, Blarney Brothers, Chuck Rainey, Jiggernaut, Juke Joint Prophets & Bain Ennis Band.